Professional Services

Solution Benefits for the Professional Services Sector

Law firms, consultants, and business service firms access QBOS's comprehensive toolset of interconnected applications and support systems: e.g. ERP, CRM, BPM, and Scheduling, Monitoring and Reporting, Billing and Accounting, which are fully customizable to enable relevance to professional service environments for a clear return on investment.

QBOS's business process automation with contextual routing capability enables an array of operational efficiencies through expedited internal and external routing requirements while providing a 360 degree view clients and projects.

Robust document management functionality reduces paper-based exchanges while working to eliminating errors and reducing the cycle times of client-specific content entry.

A firm's workflow is effectively identified, designed and optimized within an intuitive graphical process designer. Processes associate across the full workflow, for example, project management and bill-to-collected time management tie directly to robust financial systems that capture billing and automate invoicing and collections. Team collaboration facilitates with ease via automatic tasking, email notifications, alerts, and flags.

Visual dashboard reporting and monitoring provides clear insight to performance based upon the businesses define metrics.

Processes automation, task tracking and reporting work to reduce errors, miscommunications and increase consistency. QBOS enables consistently high performance, resulting in client and user satisfaction and on time projects - all elements that underpin revenue growth and sustainability.

  • Adapt to each firms business objectives.
  • Collaborate better both internally and externally to deliver greater customer satisfaction.
  • Innovate faster by utilizing workflow solutions for people centric processes.
  • Achieve greater profitability by managing projects for global repeatability, scalability, and efficiency.
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