IT Services

Powerful Toolsets for IT Services

The QBOS solution extends I.T. organizations a rapid creation and delivery platform that inspires more effective collaboration with business functions. Our goal is to empower IT service teams with a rich toolset to achieve new levels of agility, efficiency and responsiveness while supporting needs with scalability, reliability and security. Review our Platform Selection Matrix when evaluating PaaS requirements.

With QBOS's modern cloud based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), IT teams possess solutions that deliver on the promise of bringing about immediate, elegant, and turbulence-free business change such as

  • Rapid Return on Investment
  • Predictable cost structure and reduced overhead expenses
  • Universal access to robust functionality anytime, anywhere
  • Ubiquitous and seamless upgrades
  • Compressed and efficient maturation cycles
  • Rapid cycle time: development to beta to go-live to optimization

Why is the QBOS Platform Unique?

  • Design BPaaS and SaaS - Fully featured and integrated enterprise, cloud based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) affords IT Services the power to readily develop and extend Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) that drive bottom-line results.
  • Fully Integrated Suite of Enterprise Applications - Our revolutionary Functional Orthogonality and Tradespace System Technology™ provide a seamless integrated fabric between our vast design and automation application modules and support systems to extend the appropriate functionality for use when and where needed, verses a patchwork of independent applications that attempt to work together.
  • Rapid Prototype System (RPS) - Develop and test rich applications with robust workforce automations that become business assets, not just software apps. Actively test and demonstrate potential gains with real data, real user experiences, in real work environments before going live.
  • Tradespace System Technology™ (TST) and Rich 4-Layer Security - The QBOS solution is built for security. Our 4 layer security system, when combined with TST and Functional Orthogonality, affords an intelligent system that promotes the collaboration and free flow of information in highly secure environment, eliminating complexities of point solution security and interface challenges.
  • Robust Platform with No Hardware - Infrastructure resides in a SAS70 Tier 3 certified data center, developers and their clients have assurance of leading security with accessibility under the strictest compliance standards. While leveraging a rich application suite via Web access, developers enter a rapid service creation and application development environment to build SaaS and BPaaS solutions.
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