Solution Benefits for the Energy Sector

Ensure operational excellence by reducing costs while maintaining compliance and regulatory standards in an environment of commodity price volatility. From energy manufacturing to distribution to service providing, QBOS business process management solutions optimize business processes and enable effective automation.

QBOS's powerful workflow automation capability acts to transform business processes into powerful new assets. The enterprise's workflow is effectively identified, designed and optimized within an intuitive graphical process designer (QBOS Applet Builder and Process Modeler). Work is automatically routed to the best resource while monitoring the process in real time. Our system detects triggering events then renders documented processes as workflow to the appropriate workers on a task-by-task basis. Instructions are contained within the actual workflow and automatically reflect the conditions of the actual event instance. Team collaboration facilitates with ease via automatic tasking, email notifications, alerts, and flags.

Integrate risk management, compliance, and sustainability policies directly into business processes to create the most consistent and persistent risk management and compliance practices. Better manage risk events when they occur to minimize their impact on organizational resources and the bottom line.

Visual dashboard reporting and monitoring provides real time insight to the performance of business operations and sustainability practices resulting in higher quality and timely decisions.

  • Adapt faster by proactively identifying and managing operational risk.
  • Collaborate better to more effectively manage strategic assets.
  • Innovate new workflow automation systems that improve operational efficiency.
  • Achieve increase productivity with less capital and overhead costs.
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