eCommerce Made Easy

QBOS's rich interconnected applications and support services create rich eCommerce capabilities to power online stores and their varied transactions.

Capability inclusive of merchant account and accounting system integration, inventory management, workflows adjoining distribution and manufacturing and customer service are just a few of QBOS' functional elements.

Our attractively designed and well organized web user interface integrates into existing web portals and is complete with comprehensive purchasing transaction capability that links to internal process workflows.

A firm's workflow is effectively identified, designed and optimized within an intuitive graphical process designer (QBOS Applet Builder and Process Modeler). Processes associate across the full workflow, for example, project management and bill-to-collected time management tie directly to robust financial systems that capture billing and automate invoicing and collections. Team collaboration is facilitated via automatic tasking, email notifications, alerts, and flags.

Robust document management functionality reduces paper-based exchanges while working to eliminating errors and reducing the cycle times of client-specific content entry.

Visual dashboard reporting and monitoring makes it easier to predict future customer behavior with real time recommendations based on historical consumer data, enabling cross-sell and up-sell offers.

Because the system is fully available and integrated, greater performance is only a few mouse clicks away.

  • Adapt new product and service requirements to get to market quickly.
  • Collaborate better to deliver an enhanced client experience.
  • Innovate faster by rapidly designing a totally customizable system that is fully integrated.
  • Achieve a higher level of customer service.
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