Solution Benefits for the Manufacturing Sector

Fierce competition, cost pressures, regulations, and changing client demands is a typical setting within the Manufacturing sector. The QBOS solution seamlessly connects constituents such as design and manufacturing teams to business partners and suppliers to enable elegant growth and sustainability with increased quality and lower costs — a key element in increasing sales and profits.

QBOS's interconnected functional applications and support systems that reside on a robust, highly available and secure PaaS technology infrastructure enable task automation for greater collaboration, information sharing, and process reuse, whether internal to a location or across the globe.

QBOS's powerful workflow automation capability acts to transform business processes into powerful new assets. Workflow is effectively identified, designed and optimized within an intuitive graphical process designer (QBOS Applet Builder and Process Modeler). Work is automatically routed to the best resource while monitoring the process in real time. Our system detects triggering events then renders documented processes as workflow to the appropriate workers on a task-by-task basis. Instructions are contained within the actual workflow and automatically reflect the conditions of the actual event instance.

Manage work in the most controllable, measurable, and consistent way possible while reducing overhead expenses, optimizing management resources, and reducing worker instruction and training time.

  • Adapt business perform with end to end visibility of mission critical processes.
  • Collaborate more effectively and better manage the supply chain, minimizing disruptions and reducing cycle times.
  • Innovate more effectively through strengthened relationships with customers and partners.
  • Achieve reduced latencies in production processes.
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