Sustainability and Resiliency

QBOS views sustainability practices as a source of competitive advantage, a means to enhance and protect brand reputation, generate improvements in employee productivity, and improve a business's ability to attract and retain top talent.

QBOS affords internal and external stakeholders proof and transparency over sustainability efforts. QBOS automations enable the resource to respond to external market events, regulations, and competitor pressures with more agile compliance and business intelligence.

QBOS Platform tools provide the ability to holistically manage sustainability operations and achieve new levels of business process excellence.

  • Solidly Execute: Maximize sustainability efforts by leveraging QBOS's single, complete, and fully integrated solution that connects sustainability initiatives across all aspects of the business verses silo instantiations.
  • Collaborate Effectively: Drive sustainability initiatives top down and bottom up. Executive leadership defines the clear vision and strategy while management and employees create incentives and best practices. With QBOS's Rapid Prototype System (RPS), sustainable solutions are built and tested in the cloud with real data and real users before going live.
  • Better Transparency: Whether managing people, emissions, or products; getting better visibility into company wide data is accessible through QBOS analytics, dashboards, and reports making it easier to establish metrics and benchmarks to evaluate sustainability practices.
  • Rapid Compliance: Compliance measures are embedded across all analytical and operational processes making compliance easier and more streamlined –thus reducing risk while enhancing agility.
  • Quantify Intangibles: QBOS's fully integrated solution and advanced analytics provides business the tools to begin the complex process of quantifying and valuing intangible benefits sustainability practices.
  • Create a Sustainable Workforce: QBOS's solution answers the needs of today's top talent who put a premium on corporate citizenship, freedom and connection in the workplace, and having access to the newest technologies that allow for working remotely and collaborating virtually.
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