Monitoring Reporting Intelligence

Turn Information into Strategic Assets

Leverage QBOS's Technology Core Differentiators to create a Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Information Management (EIM) environment that is complete, accurate, accessible, fully integrated, and cost effective.

  • Customizable databases that record data elements while residing on industry standard systems and architectures.
  • Create centralized data repositories that automatically integrate data from various applications and sources.
  • Fully abstracted contextual routing provides the technical ability to deliver information that supports business processes and users.
  • Develop master data management practices to gain a single version of truth about enterprise information and manage content within the context of your business.
  • Easily create dashboards that graphically display key performance indicators. Personalize them by department, role, or even individual so everyone sees only the information most relevant to him or her.
  • Create user-aware reports based on real time information with complete drill down and user collaboration features.

Access Configuration

  • Audience Control on Report Sharing
  • Company, Roll, Group and User permissions
  • User defined filters for memorized reports


  • Dashboards
  • Standard Reports
  • Customizable Reports
  • Saved searches/filters
  • Report export capability
  • Define default reports for Roles
  • Group reports
  • Report Folder Structure

Finance and Accounting Analytics

By leveraging the power of QBOS Intelligence, reduce the costs and effort associated with monitoring and analyzing financial and business performance.

  • Gain access to the latest management and financial reports as part of everyday activities.
  • Continually monitor key performance indicators and get access to the latest financial reports as part of day to day activities.
  • Achieve company-wide control and integration of financial information.
  • Improve compliance with evolving accounting standards.
  • Produce financial reports that instill confidence.
  • Close books faster by eliminating manual reporting processes.
  • Optimize cash flow and improve liquidity.
  • Design and run efficient, automated financial processes ensuring the delivery of timely, relevant, and accurate financial information.

Marketing Analytics

QBOS advanced analytics enable companies to do a better job with business planning and development because they can better estimate sales revenue, product demand, high and low performing products, territories, and channels.

  • Better quantify the effectiveness of marketing activities, channels and tactics.
  • Convert insights from real-time reports and data into action plans.
  • Leverage analytical algorithms to cluster, classify, and segment customer base for deeper insights and understanding.
  • Better predict customer behaviors, anticipate their needs, and create more relevant, targeted messages.
  • Provide executives with cross-company visibility into financial and other CRM measures such as bookings and billing and sales pipeline measures.

Risk Management and Compliance Analytics

Leverage QBOS's advanced analytics to protect the value of the enterprise while reducing the cost and required effort. Automate risk and compliance monitoring activities to proactively prevent risk events and compliance violations.

  • Continuously monitor key risk indicators with automated reporting capabilities.
  • Leverage analytical insights to evaluate the impact of risk events and compliance violations on strategic performance.
  • Reduce the cost of compliance and audit activities by automating manually generated reports.
  • Gain immediate visibility into the current risk situation.
  • Better evaluate the success rate and returns of business initiatives.

Advanced Sales Analytics

Executives, managers, and individual reps can use QBOS Intelligence to gain easy access to the insights needed to make smart business decisions and more accurate forecasts.

  • Monitor the overall health of your business by creating accurate forecasts, proactively monitoring pipeline performance, effectively managing budgets, and properly allocating resources to meet revenue goals.
  • Create customized and automated reporting to gain key insights into your business.
  • Obtain relevant snapshots of key performance indicators such as achieved vs. quota, actual sales vs. forecast, and commissions.
  • Gain visibility from summaries down to the actual live transaction.
  • Monitor lead conversion and web site metrics.

Sustainability Analytics

Whether managing people, emissions or products; obtain better visibility into company-wide data through QBOS analytics, dashboards, and reports - making it easier to establish metrics and benchmarks to evaluate sustainability practices.

  • Reduce the time and cost of gathering data used in compiling sustainability reports.
  • Track and communicate your sustainability performance with automated processes.
  • Better monitor health and safety activities to ensure worker and product safety.
  • Improve financial performance by aligning sustainability indicators with corporate objectives.
  • Ensure that environmental regulations are met by monitoring emissions and environmental management metrics.
  • Improve clarity and gain deeper insight into operational data to establish better sustainability practices.