Finance and Accounting

Optimize Financial and Accounting Processes

QBOS's best in class Finance and Accounting tools empower companies to model, automate, manage, and optimize financial and accounting processes to drive efficiency and reduce costs. Improve and optimize daily cash flow management to annual financial statements; at the same time, manage and mitigate risk with greater confidence.

Because QBOS is a fully integrated Business Automation Solution, finance and accounting seamlessly communicate with all other functional areas of the business automatically – eliminating redundancy, reducing complexity, enhancing agility and empowering the enterprise to do more with less.

Core Accounting and Reporting

  • Achieve company-wide control and integration of financial information
  • Improve compliance with evolving accounting standards
  • Produce financial reports that instill confidence.
  • Optimize cash flow and improve liquidity
  • Design and run efficient, automated financial processes ensuring the delivery of timely, relevant, and accurate financial information

Receivables Management

  • Reduce the cost of accounts receivable and collections with streamlined business processes and automation
  • Full integration with Sales, Client Service, and Distribution enables the ability to analyze causes of late payments, proactively handle disputes, effectively manage past due accounts, and dramatically improve overall customer service.
  • Proactively manage and mitigate customer credit risk exposure
  • Reduce and avoid overdue accounts and bad debt losses

Treasury and Financial Risk Management

  • Improve cash flow management
  • Create complete and timely cash flow forecasts
  • Gain insights with automated dashboards of key metrics
  • Centralize control of banking, cash management, and payables
  • Model risk management and mitigation strategies with QBOS's Real-time Prototyping System (RPS)
  • Improve and streamline regulatory compliance
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