Engineering and Construction

Solution Benefits for the Engineering and Construction Sectors

Construction, engineering and infrastructure businesses require collaboration between multiple contractors and suppliers while managing strict standards and regulations. QBOS enables the tools and methods to move beyond the competition while optimizing and automating business process to reduce costs, maximize resources, and reduce cycle times.

QBOS's powerful workflow automation capability acts to transform business processes into powerful new assets. A firm's workflow is effectively identified, designed and optimized within an intuitive graphical process designer (QBOS Applet Builder and Process Modeler). Work is automatically routed to the best resource while monitoring the process in real time. Our system detects triggering events then renders documented processes as workflow to the appropriate workers on a task-by-task basis. Instructions are contained within the actual workflow and automatically reflect the conditions of the actual event instance. Team collaboration facilitates with ease via automatic tasking, email notifications, alerts, and flags.

QBOS's business process automation with contextual routing capability enables an array of operational efficiencies through expedited internal and external routing requirements while providing a 360 degree view clients and projects via our advanced analytics.

Robust document management functionality reduces paper-based exchanges while working to eliminating errors and reducing the cycle times of client specific content entry.

With QBOS, develop automatic, schedule driven solutions to improve margins and reduce risk.

  • Adapt faster and more effectively to substantial changes in input costs.
  • Collaborate better, both internally and with outside vendors, to optimize available resources and reduce overhead costs.
  • Innovate effectively with real time, in-depth visibility into key aspects of the business via monitoring and reporting.
  • Achieve greater operational agility in dealing with governmental regulations and mandates while managing and mitigating risk.
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