Solution Benefits for the Healthcare Sector

Everyone from a hospice, to a large hospital, to enterprises supporting the healthcare ecosystem is focused on increasing the quality of care while reducing overall system costs. QBOS is becoming the solution of choice that manages the exchange of sensitive information and generates workflow automation to improve efficiency while improving the quality of client/patient interactions.

QBOS's robust development platform with its interconnected applications and support systems, enable the enterprise to automate and optimize service delivery and administrative functions for cost savings while aggregating clinical and operational data for better visibility and control – all with the highest level of security and compliance.

A firm's workflow is effectively identified, designed and optimized within an intuitive graphical process designer (QBOS Applet Builder and Process Modeler). Business process automation with contextual routing capability enables an array of operational efficiencies through expedited internal and external routing requirements.

Robust document management functionality reduces paper-based exchanges while working to eliminating errors and reducing the cycle times of client specific content entry.

Visual dashboard reporting and monitoring provides clear insight to performance based upon business defined metrics.

  • Adapt faster to mounting Healthcare Reform pressures and changes.
  • Collaborate better across the vast and complex healthcare ecosystem.
  • Innovate more readily by accessing and utilizing aggregated, trustworthy data.
  • Achieve better cost containment and increased quality.
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