Reporting and Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Reporting Powered by QBOS Intelligence

Our solution delivers real-time, comprehensive monitoring and reporting of relevant metrics to process users that enables effective assessments.

  • Broaden Visibility - Real-time and near-time reporting provides immediate insight into key business functions, dynamically monitors work, and takes corrective action based on events and quality standards
  • Gain Greater Agility - Monitoring dashboards, reports and alerts offers improved understanding of process efficiency and effectiveness
  • Insightful Management - QBOS makes it easy for management to gain insights by designing reports to monitor and analyze processes, work status, and customer satisfaction
  • Client Awareness - predict and monitor trends and enable real time recommendations based on historical client data enabling cross-sell, up-sell and retention.

Turn Information into Strategic Assets

For information on analytics, see Monitoring Reporting Intelligence.

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