Workforce Automation

Using Rules-Driven Processes to Manage Work

Emanating from the cloud-based QBOS Platform, effective business processes empower workforce automation. Clients reduce overhead expenses and simply do more with less by using rules-driven processes that manage the entire lifecycle of nearly every work item from capturing the work, routing it to the best resource, and monitoring the process in real time.

How much is Inefficiency Costing Business?

Whether operating locally, federally or globally, business can no longer afford the significant costs of inefficiency created by turbulence within business processes. Business processes and automations become fully integrated throughout the organization, seamlessly functioning across corporate boundaries.

  • Optimize management resources - detects triggering events occurring throughout the organization and then renders the documented processes as workflow to the appropriate workers on a task-by-task basis.
  • Reduce instruction and training time - instructions and methods are contained within the actual workflow and are automatically changed to reflect the data and conditions of the actual event instance.
  • Maximize control - our system enables the actual behavior of the company to be synchronized with its centralized documentation making workflow more controllable and yielding more consistent results.
  • Enhance Risk Management - automate the process of identifying, prioritizing, and managing threats to ongoing operations.
Business Optimization
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