Solution Benefits for the Education/Research Sectors

Educational and its associated services are a business, one whose product is knowledge transfer and information availability. Operating institutions effectively demand systems that decrease costs while increasing education service quality.

Optimizing resources such as faculty to student ratios and enrollment is underpinned with the need to manage high volume transactions associated with enrollment, changes requests; employee, staff, and faculty programs, grand administration, and administrative governance.

QBOS's rich interconnected application functionality and support systems allows charter schools, primary, secondary, and higher education institutions to focus spending on core areas such as research, community outreach, and education by optimizing processes and automating effectively. With QBOS, administrative processes that span a facility's, functional teams and geographic boundaries can be seamlessly automated to refine and optimize the business of education.

Robust document management functionality reduces paper-based exchanges while working to eliminating errors and reducing the cycle times of client specific content entry.

Create customized reports providing everyone from the President, to Deans, to Department Chairs with the real time information needed to make quality decisions.

  • Adapt faster to educational and research challenges and breakthroughs.
  • Collaborate better internally and external to departmental and organizational boundaries.
  • Innovate more readily with greater visibility.
  • Achieve effective compliance with established policies and regulations.
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