Risk Management

Risk Management, Governance, and Compliance

QBOS's robust capability enables the development of the most consistent and persistent solutions to risk management, governance, and compliance. Protect the value of the organization by proactively preventing risk events and compliance violations with via automated risk and compliance monitoring activities.

Incorporate risk management and compliance into strategy, planning, and operational execution

QBOS's fully available and integrated platform enables design and automation of risk management and compliance policies. The system's superior reporting and analytics afford the ability to continuously monitor risk indicators to gauge effectiveness and evaluate the impact of risk events and compliance violations on strategic performance.

  • Reduce the cost of compliance, risk, and audit activities by automating manual activities
  • Deliver a more consistent and persistent approach to risk management and compliance through automation
  • Reduce the potential for human error in response to a risk events
  • Reduce risk exposure through improved avoidance and prevention practices
  • Decrease occurrence and impact of risk events, policy violations, and compliance enforcement actions
  • Optimize resources available for risk prevention and mitigation
  • Increase working capital through reduced risk exposure
  • Improve success rate and returns on business initiatives

Holistic Approach to Access-Risk Management

QBOS's 4-Layer Security is intrinsic to all aspects of the platform. Cost-effective security begins with the creation of secure systems and processes from the start, enabling an agile environment that will embrace changes within the security landscape.

QBOS's holistic, proactive approach is highly effective and reduces costs. Access and compliance are embedded into business processes reducing critical access risks

  • Monitoring and reporting provide immediate visibility into the current risk situation
  • Enable business owner accountability
  • Reduce access risk and adverse compliance events across the enterprise
  • Securely, safely, and confidently adopt new forms of technology and build new processes

Safety, Health, and Environmental Risk Management

The QBOS system assists manage numerous and complex governmental regulatory and compliance mandates that left under managed may result in higher compliance costs and business risk. In addition, our solution assists to manage the health and safety of employees, properly handle hazardous materials, and ensure product safety with 100% compliance at minimal cost, with the least amount of labor.

  • Design and automate business processes that incorporate governmental regulatory and compliance mandates enabling easy adoption of new compliance mandates or changes.
  • Reduce costs of managing safety, health, and environmental risks by decreasing training time, and enforcing compliance while increasing compliance issues response times.

Embrace Sustainability Practices

Public awareness of environmental and health issues or unsafe products and work conditions is extremely high. With QBOS, create and successfully implement sustainability practices that enhance your company's reputation and brand value while reducing costs and eliminating waste.

  • Model, forecast, and quantify the financial impact of tangible sustainability objectives
  • Align sustainability objectives with operations
  • Help reduce time and cost for reporting
  • Better understand the impact of intangible sustainability objectives
  • Improve transparency of sustainability programs
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