Company Information

QBOS Inc. is a leading developer of cloud-computing enterprise systems and automation solutions for IT Consulting businesses and Enterprise organizations. Our flagship product, QBOS Platform as a Service (PaaS), the most modern and fully featured platform, empowers companies of all sizes to perform as nimble resilient and highly competitive entities. Our revolutionary Tradespace™ System Technology (TST) unleashes the capability of unprecedented business efficiency, growth and profitability.

Rapid Systems Development

For IT consultants focused on aligning IT and business strategy, we provide a rapid development and service creation environment equipped with the most modern and fully featured enterprise application toolkit. Unique to the market BPaaS and SaaS solutions extend into the enterprise affordable, intelligent, and new virtual assets that result in sustainable competitive advantages.

We are a privately held corporation headquartered in Dallas, TX. Our services are available to the market through a network of highly qualified Master Distributors.

QBOS Mission and Guiding Principles

Simply put, our focus is placed upon reducing the gap between business decisions and business change.

At QBOS we are focused to provide the most innovative and reliable Platform as a Service (PaaS) to enable our enterprise and solution-provider clients to perform with agility when reacting to impetus brought by regulatory mandates, cyclical gyrations of the economy, client requirements, and competitive pressures in the modern business environment. By innovating the solution that extending most secure and optimized business process automation platform and subsequent SaaS and BPaaS applications we fuel high performing business transformation forming the QBOS Tradespace™ which fosters the sustainable-economy.

QBOS Guiding Principles

  • Enable business decision and business change with a commitment towards providing attainable yet visionary solution leadership in the Cloud Platform as a Service, Business Process as a Services, and Software as a Service segment.
  • Provide highly reliable, secure and extensible toolsets that provide lasting and sustainable client relationships, both ours and that of our client alliances.
  • Enable solution provider and developers a toolset to grow and apply transformative solutions that extend value to existing and new clients
  • Embody a commitment to learning and sharing our knowledgebase via bringing available application sets that afford new innovations to clients in a timely manner
  • Possess and foster a knowledgeable support network that exceeds support expectation for our channel partners and enterprises we serve.
  • Hold client satisfaction as our top priority
  • Sustainable business practices with a focus on using resources; human, financial and environmental wisely.
  • Respect, integrity and trust with all that we interact.

Product Offerings:

  • QBOS PaaS Development Platform
  • QBOS Rapid Prototype System (RPS)
  • Q-Application Suite

QBOS Executive Management

The QBOS, Inc. executive leaders consist of a cohesive team of technology and business sages. As individuals they have proven track records of developing winning solutions and effectively moving and shaping markets with paradigm shifting technology solutions. Each possesses a commitment to leading-edge innovations that act to build the world's new economy – acting together they embody a team that creates lasting value for clients and associated interests.

QBOS Advisory Board

The QBOS, Inc. Advisory Board of Directors consists of a group of distinguished individuals all with individual accomplishments surrounded with a commitment to leading-edge innovations that act to build the world's new economy. As experienced successful leaders, they actively provide strategic and tactical advice to continually solidify QBOS's leadership position in Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as Service solutions (SaaS).