Document Content Management System (DCMS)

Intelligent Document Management

Document Content Management System (DCMS) is one of QBOS' powerful support systems. DCMS' extensive list of enterprise-level features places it at the apex of document management systems. DCMS supports:

  • Full audit history reporting (details on every transmission, viewing or editing of any file or document)
  • Transactional records linking (documents are always located near the records they are associated with)
  • Document forms and data merging
  • Multi-layer security
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Automated document creation/delivery/management
  • Full version and access control
  • Document containers (for multiple formats of the same document – e.g., the original PDF plus the scanned, signed copy)
  • Secure extension through Extranet portals

DCMS, like all other support systems, is empowered with Functional Orthogonality and therefore is present as an interconnected application enabling true extensible availability and automation where and when needed. DCMS' ability to interpret hundreds of data fields means that all forms and documents can instantly become active participants in business interactions whether with customers, vendors, employees or others.

The QBOS Document Content Management System (DCMS) provides full version control, access control and audit trails. All document access attributes (user, date, time, etc) are recorded and archived for information security and audit purposes.