4-Layer Security

Built for Security, Compliance, and Audit Controls

The QBOS solution is built for security, compliance, and audit controls. Our 4-layer security system, when combined with our functionally orthogonal architecture, affords an intelligent system that promotes the collaboration and free flow of information in highly secure environment. Enterprise security no longer acts as an impediment to the required free flow of information and effective workforce automation with QBOS's Tradespace Management System™ technology coupled with 4-layer Security.

The 4-Layer Security System consists of the following components:

  • 1

    ID Management – Authentication and Encryption

    • The entire platform is encrypted.
    • User access can be restricted/constrained to certain physical locations.
  • 2

    Role/ID Based Permissions

    • Controls user access to various systems.
    • Controls user access to information.
  • 3

    Access Control List (ACL)

    • Controls classic user-to-records relationships and data sharing.
  • 4

    Localization – Extension of ACL

    • Establishes a hierarchy of user to user relationships.
    • Includes relative reporting verses absolute reporting.
    • Enables controlled piercing of the localization barrier.
    • Contextual Routing – crucial for effective workflow automation.